Sunday, December 26, 2010

22/12 - Tolhuin

Lily cleaning the road for us

Nice view from the mirador

BBQ for supper

Bever watching from the bivouac

Saturday, December 25, 2010

21/12 - Cabo San Pablo

In this area there is new neighbours …. Bevers

Oups not these, lets see if we find bevers.

Old boat is there on the beach since years

Nice bicvouac tonight with Didier near the bevers.

We hope to see bevers

The 2 black spots are the bevers, great we saw them J

20/12 - Lago Yehuin

Our first forest, great.

Lago Yehuin, great place to spend a nice suny afternoon.

Nice BBQ

Nice sun set

19/12 - Crossing of Chilli to go to "Tierra Del Fuego"

Our first boat crossing with Pingcar, in Chilli to cross the detroy of Magellan

Not much different but this is Chilli

18/12 - Laguna Azul

To past the border early in the morning to go to Chilli, we will sleep in Laguna Azul 10km from the border.

17/12 - Reserva Provincial Cabo Virgenes

Nice walk to the pinguins all together (Johan & Chritina with there Land 110 + Didier and his Toy)

Nice bivouac with grass for the night all together in Cabo Virgenes

16/12 - South of Rio Gallegos

We where able to tank in Rio Gallegos, so we are on the road again.

We will meet some new Friend on the road and we are going in the direction of the “Cabo Las Virginas”

Monday, December 20, 2010

15/12 - Reserva Monte Leon

Direction Reserva Monte Leon

Wonder what we will see??

This is the Saint Tropez for the Penguins

There we will stay for the night

12-14/12 - San Julian

We are in the camping of San Julian with the other French family, we have no more Diesel, but we have a wonderful BBQ

Next day the wind will be very strong and the National road 3 will be close, wind up to 130km/h this is Patagonia

On the 14/12 we will visit the Natural reserve of San Julian, with the left over of Diesel we have, the weather is great, and the scenery is fantastic and just for us.


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