Wednesday, September 29, 2010

28/09/2010 The big day

We had an appointment today to get the "Pingcar" and the car of Pierre and Corinne loaded into a container to be able to be shipped in a locked up box. Only with us present this container is allowed to be opened at the other side in Buenos Aires.

It was quite something to get those 2 huge vehicles in a large container, which was placed on a truck already.

Sonia from Socar arranged everything perfectly. Loading in Brussels downtown went very smoothly. It stayed a very exciting moment for us, especially when the first car went in -for heighth and width- , and even though we measured more then a hundred times our cars, we would only believe that they really fitted in, at the moment they both were in -length-, and without damaging, or scratching. It all went smooth. Thank you Sonia and your kind employees.


Anonymous said...

C'est vraiment calculé tip-top dans le container ! Mais comment as-tu pu sortir de ton véhicule ?? ça m'intrigue !? En tout cas, je vous souhaite le meilleur pour ce beau périple. (vieilles) amitiés ! Yvan

Romney said...

Tu es comme moi maintenant, donc tu devrais savoir comment je suis sortit :-))

Anonymous said...

Alors il est arrivé le bateau?

Tenez nous au courant.

Et oui, on veut déjà connaître l'évolution de votre périple avant même qu'il ne commence.

Il faudra bien qu'on sache où vous êtes pour vous croiser ;-)

Etienne & co

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