Friday, September 17, 2010

Getting the pingcar ready

This evening we got our Pingcar back from the garage Goffaux, and Romney went out for a little test ride with the living cell on the Defender with fresh new mud tires, and suspensions, I couldn't wait for his feedback, but he kept the suspense for me for a while. And then I saw his glorious smile coming up, telling me it's prefect. It's ready. This weekend we will do the packing. Sunday evening inventory time as we will need a list of each and every detail on board for customs purposes. And it's nice for our own tracking too. During the week we work, and Romney even travels so we won't have seas of time anymore. Next weekend we do I our last test drive: with the whole family to a nice weekend in the Elzas with dear friends.

My heartbeat goes up when I think of all what's waiting out there for us. It's weird, it's so close and at the same time so far away. One thing is sure we are all excited about it, and what we thought was a dream, is no longer a dream, but really coming true.


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