Saturday, November 27, 2010

23/11 - Direction Valdes and the whales

Nice breakfast all together before heading to Peninsula Valdes

A guanacos on the way

Our first experience with the “Lobos” (Sea Lions)

Ready for the greatest expedition, whales watching by boat.

Then finally a lovely bivouac, all the travellers together, with whales watching.


Road from 15/11 to 25/11 - 1800km

This is the road we followed over the period of 15/11 to 25/11, it was 1800km, km flies very fast in Argentina

22/11 - Puerto Lobos --> Playa Flecha (Puerto Madryn)

This is what the tracks looks like, they nearly drive like motorways, any way there is not many motorways.

This is Puerto Madryn

We catch back Fred & Regine, and made our own BBQ

Then lovely sunset

21/11 - Las Grutas --> Puerto Lobos

We where invited for a « Parilla » (BBQ) what a lovely experience, and what a quantity of food !! even more then at my parents J

At the same time it was a fantastic Spanish leson.

Small montains on the road (Sierra Grande)

At arrival (Puerto Loos) we made new friend, an other family travelling like us travelling for 5 months.

Then a lovely sunset, but after an even nicer moon.

20/11 - Bahia Rosa --> Las Grutas

This wonderful bay is Bahia Creek, really impressive

In Las Grutas we helped Argentineans to get unstuck of the dunes, in exchange they invited us for BBQ tomorrow J

Lovely bivouac in Las Grutas

Thursday, November 25, 2010

19/11 - La Loberia & Bahia Rosa

We went back to La Loberia and had a lovely day with Fred and Regine

We moved on for the night to Bahia Rosa for the night, most fantastic night in the dunes with sea view.

18/11 - El Condor Day 2

Between El Condor and La Loberia there is a the biggest colony of parrots in the world ! 10 x of 1000

La Loberia a great  place where on top of the parrots there is sea lions, Wowww

We will go back to El Condor for the night and we found back Fred, Regine, Nino and Anouk everyone is so happy.


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