Monday, November 8, 2010

Lovely week-end in BA

Montse the Argentinian niece of one of our friends, made us visit Buenos Aires all week-end. It was lovely.

Picture in front of Montse's University :

Lovely morning in La Boca:

Us with Pierre in front of the" obélisque":

We where very lucky to be on plaza Major when they where bringing down the flag :

Lovely sunset in BA:

Matteo trying Montse's sun glasses in a lovely Italian restaurant:

Montse wanted to try the back pack with Maxim, he just fell a sleep immediately, so sweat.

Thanks a lot Montse for this lovely week-end


Anonymous said...

Hey !! good to hear you arrived well !
listening right now to Radio Tropical to survive the reporting ! ;-) thanks again for the link ! Aless

Corina said...

Great to see you've had such a good start, I guess by now you have your Pingcar out of the harbour and ar off to the coast. Enjoy,
Corina, Thomas & the kids

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