Tuesday, December 14, 2010

10/12 - Isla Pinguinos (Puerto Despeado)

8 :00 AM ready for a great adventure tour, we have been waiting 4 days for it.

First visit of the sea lions rock by boot, you are luck you do not get the smell !!

Finally on the Island, with penguins every where.

But this is why we came here, Rock hoppers penguins (Matteo calls them puncky penguins)

On the way back we will first see dolphins

Then secondly what they call “Tonino”

Then finally we will leave in direction of Tres Cerros and the Petrified trees and we will get snow on the road, that is Patagonia.


Alessandra said...

Puncky pinguins ... quite well found ! :-) I don't know if is normal to see sooo many of those animals, but i would say you're pretty lucky ! They are beautiful! and your pics are great ! ... make me dream ! Take care. Aless

Katrien said...

Pinguins are always soooo fun to watch! Enjoy Patagonia. One of the best spots in the world I have been at so far.

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