Thursday, December 16, 2010

11/12 - Bosque Petrificado (near Tres Cerros)

Nice bivouac next to the Rio Deseado

Maxim seams very interested in the breakfast, why?? We still had some cake left over from a great bakerin in Puerto Deseado

Patagonia is full of gates once you leave the main road, today we opened a lot of them since we wanted to go directly to Bosque Petrificado with out detour.

Just to show you there is also sometimes road.

We finally arrived to the petrified trees, and it is really great.

There we will meet an other nice traveller family, there blog is :
They will announce us there the petrol company YPF is in strike and that there is no more diesel distribution and all the petrol station are closed !! this is life, so tomorrow we will drive to Puerto San Julian and try to find some diesel there. The Rangers will let us sleep next to there house, since we been chatting a long time about this strike and it is to late to take the road.


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