Saturday, December 4, 2010

30/11 - Comodoro Rivadavia

Direction Comodoro Rivadavia, we discovered a leak in the deisel filter so we need to get to a new town to replace it. Not to big issue since it is the one of the spare tank.

We quickly found what we needed, so replacement of the part on a parking

Some adaptations of the protection since the new filter is not exactly the same

We leave the big town to find somewhere to sleep, but every where is used for petrol pumping.

We finaly find a nice place to sleep, but the wind will blow all night and in the end we will close the roof. Next day we where told it was blowing around 120km/h


Anonymous said...

Bonjour à vous 4 !

Merci pour vos beaux reportages
La Dynamis tient le coup ? La météo est pour vous, l'espace réduit de la cabine n'est pas trop pesant depuis un mois ?
A bientôt pour de nouveaux échanges !
Régis (CoCo130), Corinne, Iris, Côme, Lara

Alessandra said...

wow... beautiful scenaries !! only the pics are breathtaking, i cannot imagine what it is to live it ! Snow arrived here and we had for a week more then 30cm of snow in Lausanne !! Beautiful... but still envying you guys !! ;-) Looking forward to seeing the next pics !! take care ! Aless

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