Wednesday, February 23, 2011

8-9/02 - El Bolson and Lago Puelo

Finally we did some kayak on the lago Puelo and the kids loved it.

07/02 - Cholila

We will stay in a camping next to Cholila for 1 night, hoping to be able to do Kayak with the kids, but it will not happen.

The kids are picking up apples.

4-6/02 - Parque National Los Alerces (Esquel)

The rain motivates us to leave Chili and to go to Argentina, direction Parque National Los alerces.

Once we crossed the border and the Andes the weather was perfect and warm.

Our first bivouac in the park next to the lake Futalaufguen

View from the second bivouac

View from the road of the park

We also had lots of fun in the water

The third bivouac in the park

Monday, February 14, 2011

03/02 - Lago Solar (La Junta)

To start well the day we will go to thenatural terms (Natural hot water in bath next to the lake)

Then 100000km of Pingcar so it is a party day

The road to Lago Solar next to La Junta

Nice bivouac in the forest

02/02 - Puyuhapi

On the road to Puyuhapi

Nice bivouac next to the lake

Thursday, February 10, 2011

31/01-01/02 - Cohaique

On the road to Cohaique

First night will be in a camping, but for the second one we will find a nice bivouac next to a river with :
Marie & Olivier
Jo & Christina
Alain & Flo

30/01 - Villa Cerro Castillo

Again the bad weather catch us, so direction up north on the Caratera Austral (Routa 7)

Bivouac next to laguna Morales for the night.

29/01 - Back to Cochrane

Weather is not very nice so we go back up to Cochrane

We will join back Jo & Christina and do a big parilla & a nice bivouac next to the lake

28/01 - Caleta Tortel

On the road south to Caleta Tortel

On the way we meet back Jo & Christina coming back up, this deserved a big parilla.

At the same time we decided to make the hears shorter J

Back on the road to Tortel

Tortel is a small village all on wooden palls.

Nice place to stop for the night

27/01 - Cochrane (Chile)

Lovely road to Cochrane (Chile) via the border pass Rodolfo Raballos.

Lovely old Chilean defender met on the road.

The border control on the Argentinean side.

The border control on the Chilian side 15km further

A fox on the road

Nice bivouac south of Cochrane

Olivier trying to get food for us


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