Monday, March 7, 2011

01/03 - Uspallata (Day 1)

To go to Uspallata, we will cross the border via the passo Cristo Redentor at 4000m altitude.
First part is in asphalt

For the second part we avoided the tunnel and went via the track over the mountain, wow

Cristo Redentor

Then we will passe the parque Aconcagua, with the Aconcagua mountain, the highest of South America 6962m !!

The Aconcagua


Katrien said...

And it continues being soo soo beautifull. Watch out for some cyclers. I just read their blog which I follow via twitter. They just passed this same pass you did with your 4x4. They cycled it whole the way up. The 29plus bends.

Humbled by the Andes: 29 switchbacks…and then came the hard part

Katrien said...

It definitely looks the kids are having the time of their life.

Alessandra said...

wohohohoooooooooooooo !!! gorgous !!
hopefully not only the kids are having the time of their life !!!! :-)

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