Sunday, March 20, 2011

09/03 - Parque provincial laguna Brava

The parque is at more then 4000m high, so there will be some climbing with the car.

And a new 4x4 experience for Gerard

At 4400m high there will still be some traces of fresh snow, the kids will play with it in a bucket in the car.

Maxim on a salar full of salt

Flamingo dancing just for us

On the way to the bivouac at 3400m high.

A few meters away from us at the bivouac, vigognes

The kids taking pictures with Gerard.


Katrien said...

Just amazing! I watch these pictures with open mouth!
1 question: how does your camera lens relate to your friends' camera lens. It seems huge!

Corina said...

Wonderful pictures and colours from the Laguna Brava, amazing!
The kids look great but Pingcar has a quite unrecognisable colour :-))
Take care
at J-100 before departure

Alessandra said...

wow... it looks like another planet ! Beautiful !The contrast between the sky and the earth is breath taking... i just can't imagine in real what it must be !

Gerard said...

For Katrien,
I am Gerard, my lens camera is Canon 500 F4 and my camera is EOS1D MKIV. It's great for the animals.
For Romney, nous serons sur Salta jeudi soir et nous irons dormir au camping comme la derniere fois, donc si tu passes vendredi fais nous signe.

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