Sunday, April 24, 2011

01/04 - Purmamarca

On the road to Purmamarca, i twas just crossing the road in front of us J (imagine Lily’s face hihihih)

We will meet up with a new french traveller (Romeo)

29-31/03 - Cayafate

On the road to Cayafate

In Cafayate we will stay for 2 nights in the bodega El Esteco (very nice winery)

It is Caroline’s 40th birthday, so the girls will go hors back riding

And we will prepare a nice pick-nique

Then afternoon in the pool

Finaly a wine visite, then we will leave Cristian/Caroline/Sofie on they way back to Europe (Good luck to you 3)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

25-28/03 - Back roads of Cachi & Molinos

We will be drinving with Chritian/Caroline/Sofie our German friends we found back on the road, they are on the way back to Buenos Aires to go back home, but they still have a few days to spare with us. So direction the little road at the back of Cachi/Molinos

Back up on top of the clouds after some time driving in it.

Next day driving through the canyons

Nice bivouac next to the lake where we will stay 2 nights

Back on the road direction Molinos

Nice restaurant stop in Molinos

Back on the road direction Colome for some wine testing

With a nice bivouac next to the Bodega

22-24/03 - Salta

We will profit of being in a big town to prepare the car for Bolivia and Perou, for this we will put new tires since the back tyres are worn out, we will change the 4 since we cannot find mud tyres.

The church of Salta

The kids feeding the pigeons

We will leave the camping fast since there is a rock concert in a few days and it is really getting crowded

Sunday, April 3, 2011

20-21/03 - Cachi

The camping

The pool

The lovelly restaurant in town


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