Sunday, April 24, 2011

29-31/03 - Cayafate

On the road to Cayafate

In Cafayate we will stay for 2 nights in the bodega El Esteco (very nice winery)

It is Caroline’s 40th birthday, so the girls will go hors back riding

And we will prepare a nice pick-nique

Then afternoon in the pool

Finaly a wine visite, then we will leave Cristian/Caroline/Sofie on they way back to Europe (Good luck to you 3)


Broekman said...

Geweldige foto, (foto 11 natte broek.....) we 'n leuk ventje!!!

Anonymous said...

Ook in wemmel genieten we van jullie reis. Nog veel reisgenot, BOB en Magda

Corina et Thomas said...

Hi guys,

nice to have news and new photos, we were starting to worry as it had been a while since the last time you updated the blog. Glad to see that all is fine and you are enjoying things.
We have met with Etienne, Gwen and the kids who are leaving for BA only 4 days after us (and their Defender will very probably be on the same ship as our motorhome). 2 months to go for us (very busy months though, really looking forward to actually leaving!)
Take care & enjoy,
Corina & co

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