Thursday, June 23, 2011

18-23/06 Mancora part 2

Crazy BBQ party, it was so good

The sun set can be so nice here

A typical breakfast

She tells me she is working seriously??

It is not cervesa but a nice Pinia/Platano, he loves it and finishes it all alone !

Matteo having swimming lessons, but also a nice overview of where we spent a lovely months, it was great here but now time to move forward

Saturday, June 18, 2011

30/05 - 17/06 Mancora

On the way to Mancora

Surfing day with the « 6 en route »

Cars in the hotel courtyard

Nice lunch with the “6 en route” and “Jo & Chris”

Nice BBQ in the hotel

More cars in the hotel parking !! J

The hotel

The beach

Jo & Chris’s first kites lessons

Take care Johan it is coming !!

To late !!

Some kite pics of Romney

Lovely tuna dish J

The kids kiting

Romney some where in the air !


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