Friday, July 29, 2011

16-24/07 - Lago Calima - part 2

Jo & Chris preparing there are to ship to the US (e tried to all hide in there boxes but it did not work)

Jo checking if Chris is cleaning well with the tooth brush !! J

The kids leaving for a boat tour with the kite teacher.

They whent and fetch back Jo

Jo completely relax

Lily and Matteo unwrapping my new kite board, custom made her on the lake after a week of testing new shapes.

Woww what is that on the other side

First jumps with it

Chris progressing fast to catch up Jo

Maxim playing with the kitten in the kiteboard factory

Lily’s birthday party in a nice restaurant

Jumps do not always end properly, but there we know who it is !

Playing in the lake

Playing in the trees

Thursday, July 28, 2011

09-15/07 - Lago Calima - part 1

On the way to Lago Calima

A small train truck !!

First view of the lago Calima

Lovely camp spot next to the lake with kite possibilities

Matheo – Matteo – Maxim

My fist kite session (we will have wind and kites sessions every day during our 16 days here )

Johan and Romney on the water

Christina stretching too Johan … ‘s kite

Johan after a fantastic kite session

Romney flying !!

A young boy looking at his father, and hopping to be with him sone on the water.

Maxim horseback ridding

The evenings are usually around the fire

Kiting with the rainbow

Fishing morning

Kids playing with a lovely blue bird

Saturday, July 16, 2011

07-08/07 - Coconuco

On the road to Coconuco

Lovely camping in the terms of Coconuco, and lovely hot pools


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